25 Ways to Kiss a Naked Man

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What it says on the tin. Or; the story of a relationship in twenty-five scenes.


I've had this behemoth of a series sitting in my drafts folder since January terrifying the shit out of me. This morning my wife, Crowgirl, said it was finally time to start publishing the damn thing as an incentive to finish it.

Each piece stands alone, and I have eleven of the twenty-five scenes fully drafted. I will be posting them once a week for the next eleven weeks and hopefully getting ahead of myself writing the other sections in the meanwhile. But just so you know it's a work in progress. I know some people avoid reading them on principle.

Other than that:

This endeavor was inspired by a Cosmo (November 2012) cover story Crowgirl pointed out to me while we were standing in line at CVS. We looked at the headline, were silent for a beat, and then more or less simultaneously observed that it sounded like a perfect set-up for a “five-times”-like fic.

So … yeah.

This is my initial attempt at Carter/Stark. Knew it was only a matter of time from the moment I first saw Stark give Carter the once-over. This bunny was initially gonna be a series of snapshots following the approximate equation nakedness + kissing = porn, but the bastards insisted on plot with their porn so you're getting mammoth plotty porny relationship fic instead. My wife (and trusty beta reader) insists this is all for the best. I do hope you agree!

I've only watched through Season 2, for what that’s worth, and most of the direct episode references in this fic pertain to Season 1.

And a heartfelt thanks goes to the gals of #firstthedraft, my writing group, for their willingness to enter into the world of erotic fan fiction with me -- and their enthusiasm for what they found here. Many of these pieces have benefited from their thoughtful attention.


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