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It is a time of chaos for the Galaxy. The Clone Wars ravage planets, destroying the lives of many.

The Jedi - once Peacekeepers of the Republic - now fight as soldiers. Hostility against the Jedi spreads throughout the Galaxy as they fail to put a stop to the widespread death and destruction.

As the pieces of the Sith Lord Sidious's plan fall into place, is there any hope for the Jedi Order?

Will Anakin Skywalker fulfill his destiny and bring balance to the Force, or is it too late?

Will the Galaxy fall into darkness at the hands of the Sith?

Can love change the fate of Anakin Skywalker, or is he doomed to fail, and become Lord Vader?


Things to know:

Obi-Wan is only six years Anakin's senior. He was a much younger Knight when he took Anakin as his Padawan.

Shmi had power in the Force but was never discovered by the Jedi as she lived on the Outer Rim.
Some episodes of The Clone Wars happen similarly to the actual series, and I haven't seen the need to rewrite them.

Anakin and Shmi are darker skinned than in the movies and TV series. Naboo is culturally and ethnically closer to India than in the films. Padmé is transgender! Anakin is nonbinary, and so is Ahsoka, but they still use their canon pronouns. Asajj is a lesbian.

On fics I will clarify what episodes they take place in/around.

You can start at any point in the series! Some are written more like one-shots (The Night Before) and others as longer, more plot heavy (Crossroads).


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