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Dictionary.com Word of the Day Drabbles starting with the first Dictionary.com Word of the day in 5/3/1999. Do Not expect these to all be drabble length. They can vary greatly in length.

This will jump all over the place. My muse is a flighty thing and can go from writing fluffy Tony/Gibbs to hurt Tony giving Gibbs his resignation or anything else from one story to the next. I have tried to separate them into mini-series based on what the story is about, but it's best to treat each story as it's own unless otherwise specified from the series. Just because you like one story in the series, doesn't mean you'll like the next. Though I hope you come to enjoy all of my stories, I know not everyone will.


Please note: My OTP is Tony/Gibbs. My gen fics do not specify Tony/Gibbs or show any major hints of Tony and Gibbs romance, but the option will likely be there. That being said, I love exploring other characters. I love playing with pairings that aren't my OTP and even situations that would prevent my OTP.

Tony/Tim, Tony/Tobias, Tim/Tobias, and other random pairings may be found floating around. I do accept prompts for other pairings and for focuses on other characters as I feel it makes my writing better to explore things from different angles than I normally would. This series is mainly a way for me to improve my writing and to share my writing with those who also enjoy what I write. It's basically an easy source of inspiration to keep me writing regularly.


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