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It takes only a passionate night for Oliver and Tommy to realize that they need Felicity in their life. She’s the only one who can satisfy the smoldering desire wreaking havoc inside them. But first, they need to find her again.

Once they do, the trio will embark themselves on an erotic journey of dominance and submission, going to places where none of them can even imagine. Personal boundaries and social conventions will be pushed and broken, over and over again, in search of a sexual freedom that they desperately crave.


If you’re looking for steamy and sensual adventures of Smoaking Billionaires, you’ve come to the right place. But before you read more, I have to warn you… This is not for the meek. You’re about to enter into an intense world where wild sexual fantasies are met. Only a few of fetishes are out of consideration, so PLEASE HEED THE TAGS. If you read any of the following works is under your own risk. Later, don’t accuse me of corrupting innocent minds.

Also, don’t take me as an expert in BDSM, I’m definitely not. Far from it. So, if you want to try anything I write at home, please educate yourselves first… and remember the golden rule: everything within the sane, safe, and consensual is allow *winks*
PROMPTS ARE ACCEPTED!!!! (and more than welcomed). As a said before, I’m comfortable working with a wide range of fetishes, so don’t be shy. Tell me your fantasies. What’s the worst that can happen? That I don’t write it. I won’t judge anyone… I can’t! My mind is too dirty to say anything about other people’s wicked thoughts.
The brave ones can leave the message as yourselves, but the shy ones can do it anonymously, if you want. That’s perfectly fine. Places where to find me: On Tumblr and on Twitter as SmoakedBondage, I set these accounts just for my erotic fanfiction, just fyi. Also can use my personal accounts that are on my profile.


* The Challenge - August 2012
* Hot Pursuit - September 2012
* 7 Days to Redemption - October 2013
* Twist of Fate - April 2014
* Breaking Down - April 2014
* Hope - May 2014


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