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Maybe they were meant to be. Sure as hell doesn't feel like it sometimes.

What if Shepard and Vega met before Shepard was ever stationed on the Normandy?

This series follows the pair from their initial meeting through their parting of ways and eventual reunion as things culminate in the events of the third game. They'll take on the Reapers together and try to figure out just what this thing is between them.



James Vega and Winnie Sheppard by choco-minto photo comission_shega.jpg
James and Winnie art by choco-minto





If you're a Shega fan like me and you've played the Citadel DLC, odds are you were at first very excited to learn that a hookup with Vega was possible. You were likely also appalled once you saw what we ended up getting.

Despite that encounter, I still feel that a Shega romance is not only plausible, but can be done in a way that stays true to the characters of both Shepard and James. So I figured if I wanted to see it, I should write it. This series will be my attempt.

It's mildly AU (though isn't all fanfic?) and will take us from Winnie Shepard joining the Alliance through the events surrounding all three games and beyond. The bulk of it, as you would expect from a Shega fic, will center around ME3. But I feel like to understand them individually and as a couple, we'll need to see a bit of what happened before then, too.

There will be other relationships that crop up throughout the series as well, most notably Shenko, as how that shakes out will obviously have an impact on how things with Winnie and James progress.

Anyhoo. I am kind of crazy excited about this and have a lot of grand plans. It's going to be a big sprawling thing, and will probably be take me quite a while to tell. So, heads up on that.

That said, if you do decide to give this a chance, thank you! I hope you enjoy it!


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