Signs and Smoke Signals

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When you are asked to be an interpreter for an alien species aboard the Starkiller Base for a six month internship, you agree, even without being told the full specifications of your assignment. Assured that you are being told as little as possible for your own safety, you begin to wonder if such a thing is even possible, especially when you learn that you've captured the special attention of a certain man aboard the ship, who stalks about in black and hides behind a mask.

This is how it begins.



January 2018 Update

Two weeks after TFA came out, I wrote a fanfiction called Signs and Smoke Signals that ended up having some really freaky similarities between the story and The Last Jedi in terms of Rey's origins, Phasma's staff, and the whole Snoke plot. My friend wrote an article about the similarities that I posted on my friend's website, intending only to share it with people who read the story and also noticed the similarities. Unfortunately, that went viral, with people claiming that I intend to sue Disney and Rian Johnson for "plagiarizing my work" so I can make millions.

Umm...yeah. That's not true. It's just fanfic, guys. If you still want to read the story, please feel free, but as you can see from the description, TLJ this is not.

January 25 - November 17, 2016

A Flare in the Dark: Can Kylo Ren be trusted?
A Candle in the Night: Can Kylo Ren be forgiven?
A Glow in the Dawn: Can Kylo Ren be redeemed?

...and what form will that redemption take?

This official trilogy has been completed, but by request, I have released a "part 4" called Just Another Perspective, which retells key moments of the trilogy from the perspectives of different characters, mostly focusing on Kylo Ren. It gives us a good glimpse to see the thoughts and motivations of other characters and some other things that went on outside the Reader's limited perspective......


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