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This is a collection of 21 of the only 24 podfics I've recorded so far (1 each in Criminal Minds, Hart of Dixie, Shameless, TVD, Finding Carter, & Smallville as fandoms; 3 Veronica Mars, 3 The Flash; 2 each for Teen Wolf, Harry Potter; a collaborative effort about the TV series Arrow, and 3 Glee). ;)

I've also collaborated with some podficcers on a few occasions where I wrote some fics to be turned into podfics. You can them find here:

See that link for my 21st podfic; I both wrote AND recorded another Criminal Minds story.

A 22nd podfic I've done is a co-pod with litra, so it's not in this playlist. A short Legends of Tomorrow & Prison Break crossover! For the big Wentworth Miller fans haha. Enjoy:


See notes for more, I'm running out of characters (of the letter/number variety) that I'm allowed to type here. There's a maximum limit lol.


23rd is this Arrow Sara/Oliver podfic, where the series is Podfic Broken Telephone so I can't put it in this one.

My 24th is The Fosters for pod_together:

Warning: Verity and Consequence is more explicit than all of the other T-rated fics I've recorded. It contains some references to masturbation and explicit language, and also underage drinking (and driving). Underage drinking without driving occurs in the The Fosters one, and I guess maybe some of them are borderline underage in my "i want to save that light" Harry Potter podfic.

There's no sex but there is explicit language and gore/horror in "The Haunting of Harrison Wells". Also rated Teen.

my choice of Criminal Minds and Veronica Mars fics-to-turn-podfic tend to need trigger warnings but it's canon-typical types of triggers.

The Shameless fic was the first "Mature" one I'd done, which is also canon-typical. I did more mature maybe than canon, but barely, for the Oliver/Sara one and the Hart of Dixie one.


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