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A series of short stories, one shots really that covers different times, places and experiences of the same Power Girl character. The stories are posted in nonchronological order.


While fiddling around with "The Erotic Adventures of Power Girl & Douglas Sutherland" I struggled to get a solid hold on Power Girl as a character. Since she's only recently gotten her own comic (which kinda died out after a handful of issues), her backstory is a cluster-fuck even by DC Comic standards and she usually takes part of a larger team... its hard for someone unfamiliar with her to get to know her.

As a result I cherry picked what I liked about her, discarded the rest and filled in the blanks as best I could. I started to create my own backstory for her character and as my research progressed and my custom built lore developed, short little stories started to pop up here and there. Realizing that it was very fun to wrestle some sense, logic and consistency with the Power Girl character by writing little stories, I decided to try and patch the stand alone stories into a larger, more complete work.

Currently this is just in early planning stages, so for now you'll just have to settle with scattered, partially fleshed out ideas. Though as they say, one day...


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