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Maedhros saga, with main focus on Maedhros' life in Beleriand but spanning all the way from the Time of the Trees almost to the end of Arda.
The series is Maedhros/Fingon and the development of their relationship is one of the main interests of the saga, but other stories in the series look at Maedhros's interactions with his brothers, uncles, cousins, friends--basically whoever he is known or can be assumed to have interacted with.
The series spans different genres and the stories can differ widely in mood, rating, etc.


My Maedhros saga comprises my main body of fan fic writing. As of July 2013, it consists of approximately 70 pieces of different length, from drabbles up to multi-chaptered stories and appears still to be growing.
Structurally, it's a bit of a mess. The first story, "Looking At the Stars and Counting the Hours", was written as a one-off and the whole thing snowballed from there. A clear chronological order underlies some of these pieces, but it is not necessarily the order they were written in, while other pieces span several periods. (The order in which the earlier stories have been uploaded to AO3 is also random and merely corresponds to which piece I felt like proof-reading on a particular day. The order in which I wrote the stories is more or less the one in which they were uploaded to SWG.)
Originally, the series was roughly conceived as an AU to Dawn Felagund's Felakverse, that is: the backstory for the early stories was assumed to be as in Dawn's Another Man's Cage except where I had consciously changed it. By now, this no longer entirely applies, simply because I have ended up changing so much, although some clear traces of Felakverse remain.
In the period before I began writing, I spent months reading every Maedhros story I could lay my hands on. So any parallels with other Maedhros stories written in 2009 or earlier are almost certainly not coincidental. As I have continued reading Maedhros stories since then, parallels with Maedhros stories written from 2010 onwards may not be coincidental either, but I am more likely to have been able to trace and explicitly acknowledge my source.
I am a worldbuilder. My headcanon tends to be fairly fluid as long as it is in my head, but once incorporated into a story it becomes part of Himring-verse and does not easily budge. Not all of Himring-verse is absolutely canon-compatible, although I do my best to be aware of deviations and tend to mention them in notes. (I do not often write AUs to my own 'verse.)
The title of the series was originally meant to be sarcastic, which is perhaps not completely obvious now...

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Illustrations to the series by Alasse: Doom, Gloom and Maedhros related fanart

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