Entwined In And Out Of Time

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In the beginning there were beings of specialized power, but of them all, three became part of a triangle of struggle. The one of the wild spaces and the predatory creatures, one bound to nature and the nexus of all magick, and the one governing all base instinctual drives. After a dispute of jealousy, longing and denial the three scattered their essences throughout the realm of worlds. The third out of vindictive spite, the second to save the realm feeling a sense of responsibility and the first for love of the second. All that they are became manifested in the extensive realm of worlds.
Now over the expanse Derek, Stiles and Peter echo their entangled lives throughout time and space, throughout dimensions and the multiverse. The setting changing but the play remaining the same. These are the stories of love and how it is hunted in every manifestation. The stories of the three and their struggle throughout the realm of worlds, long even after they have forgotten why they became entangled in this multi lifetime battle in the first place.


Each story in the series, takes place in a different time, dimension or reality but are all connected in that they follow the lives of the three as they echo throughout the realm of worlds until the day when their true power and essence may consolidate and they might leave the realm of worlds and return to their designations as they were before, in the beginning.
Peter once the personification of the id, base instinctual drives, plays the role of the scorned seeker of love who would destroy what he could not possess.
Stiles, once the personification of magick and nature, plays the role of the sought after prize for one and the true love of the other.
Derek once the personification of the spirit of the predator and the wild, plays the role of a lover seeking to find and hold on to the one he loves against all odds.


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