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Crossover between NCIS and Lie to me*, because these guys make an awesome foursome ❤️

Kate lives!AU. Post LTM canon, playing fast and loose with NCIS canon as it suits me.

A crossover universe in which NCIS works with the Lightman Group. I have done/am doing my best to make it accessible to people who only know one of the fandoms :)

Crib notes for the fandom blind included - please see the series notes!

Wide range of ratings and relationships leading to a polyamourous OT4. Most M or E rated stories can be skipped without losing the overall thread of the 'verse, and I think the stuff you might miss is reiterated elsewhere, so if you really don't like explicit stories, there should hopefully still be plenty for you to enjoy.


Crib notes for the fandom blind!

NCIS folks: Gillian (Gill) Foster and Cal Lightman are experts in lie detection, using facial expression (reading emotion), vocal stress analysis and other expertise. The Lightman Group helps various law enforcement agencies and other people when the truth is at stake. Cal is British, but a long term resident/citizen of the U.S.

Cal has an ex-wife, Zoe Landau, a daughter, Emily/Em, and several employees, including Eli Loker and Ria Torres.

Lie to me* folks: Kate (Caitlin) Todd and Leroy Jethro Gibbs are federal agents who work for NCIS, investigating crimes affecting the US Navy or Marines. Kate is ex-Secret Service. Gibbs is a team leader and is reknowned for his gut instincts.

Tim (Timothy) McGee and Tony (Anthony) DiNozzo are also members of the team. Leon Vance is Director. Abby Sciuto, Donald 'Ducky' Mallard and Jimmy Palmer are support staff.

Other characters will probably pop up, sooner or later, I will try and keep track of them in A/Ns.

Ongoing UST, Kate/Gillian, ship resolution for Kibbs & Callian, Kibbs x Callian, McNozzo. Other ships may pop up...

It's going to take me a while to post! Please bear with me :D (Also, this 'verse started because my muse can't take a joke, so I'm generally just running as fast as I can, trying desperately to keep up...)

Some stories cowritten with BadWolf303, who is awesome so watch out for those 'cause they are great.


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