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A series of Oneshots about the MCU Maximoffs varying from canon to canon-twisty to outright AU. All focus on the Maximoff twins, and on their relationship, interactions, complexities etc.

As this is a collection of oneshots this doesn't contain any of my multi-chapter fics: The Cradle of Life, Like Home, And when the stars threw down their spears, the whole Memento Mori series, a blank slate or For Fear and For Vengeance. I do have multiple ideas for fics for the Maximoff twins, so this will probably be updated intermittently forever. Keep an eye out!


Some of these are prefaced with "Prompt"; these are from prompts on my tumblr. You can prompt one yourself Here. If you see something on my WIPs list that you want to see posted sooner feel free to send an ask asking for me to do a little more work on it and I'll do what I can.

Promptfic WIPs In Order To Be Completed:
- BuckyWanda Shape of Water AU - for Nanyoky

Assorted Fic WIPs of my own, some may end up here, others will be multichapter, to be completed:
- The Soft Light of Gas Lanterns - Pietro brought back via, specifically, TAHITI Protocol, and the fallout thereof. Will be different to Mine, My Soul in multiple ways. Oneshot.
- My Very Breath - Soulmate AU in which you have the first words your soulmate will say to you on your arm in their handwriting. Wanda is Pietro’s soulmate (platonic), but someone unknown is Wanda’s. Almost certainly multi-chapter, or possibly a very long numeralled oneshot.
- A Song of Scarlet, A Winter of Wolves - Pseudo-medieval fantasy, complete with magic. Definitely Multi-chapter.
- Maximoffs Do Gotham And Hate Jervis Tetch - The Maximoffs in the Gotham of the TV Show Gotham, encountering Alice Tetch and her brother.
- Stained With Flesh and Blood - The story of the twins told by their hands.
- Here in Oblivion - Yet Another fic in which I explore my headcanons for A:IW
- Something based on This Prompt, at some point.
- I'm also working on a Oneshot sequel to Unwilling Experiments and also a multi-chapter Gothic Romance Wanda/Vision fic. Neither have titles yet.


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