Acts of Reclamation

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From the Private Letters of Essa Trevelyan:


I was made warrior by my father, mage by Desire, and apostate by Rage. I spent ten years in a cage of my own choosing, learning to bind my demons and the demons of others. When the sky tore and I stumbled out of too many deaths, the people of Thedas whispered that Andraste had made me her Herald. Now, by some turn of absolute madness, I have been made Inquisitor.

This will not be the whole of my story.

Essa Trevelyan isn’t exactly used to people, being raised mostly by a mabari will do that. Nearly a decade in a mage tower certainly didn't help, where she occupied an isolated and ruthless space between her fellow mages and the templars who guarded them. For all her connection to the Fade, Essa has never seen herself as anything but a warrior. Had her magic not manifest—late and tragically—she would be a mercenary even now and not the Herald of Andraste.  

Whatever that’s supposed to mean.


Essa was never meant to be a mage, much less the figurehead of an international military organization. She charges into combat, blocks with the shield she no longer carries, and would still rather talk to horses and dogs than people. Born to the Trevelyan family of Ostwick in the Free Marches, she was originally slated for a warrior's life, began training with a sword and shield at the age of three. Then her magical abilities surfaced tragically just after she reached the age of majority.

Essa fled, fearing a life of judgment and confinement within Ostwick's Circle of Magi. She spent her first year as a mage on the run before returning to face the consequences of her own becoming and surrendering herself to the Circle. She found there a strange sort of peace and passed a decade of near solitude within those walls. Essa had no need for love, no hope for a life so many rightfully lamented. She contented herself with books and study and growing things...when she wasn't killing for her Knight-Commander. For nine quiet years, she found comfort and healing among those she had feared would offer only a cage. The Circle might have been her future had the mages not rebelled against Chantry rule.

Now, free from the constraints she so desperately believed she needed, Essa stumbles through her diplomatic responsibilities, trying to do what is right for everyone while beginning to build a life and love for herself that she never dared hope she could have.


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