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Sephiroth died and rose again. Harry Potter didn't want the memories. But, he has them now and is going to do his best to save his friends.


For Fun: Similarities Between Harry Potter and Sephiroth

Both had a knack for flying – Seph with his wing and Harry with his broom.

Both were strong willed – Harry threw off Voldie's Imperius Curse and Seph overwhelmed an alien mind.

Both were fighters – Obvious.

Both were child soldiers – Again, obvious.

Both were loyal – Harry took Ron back after his astounding display of immaturity during GOF, Seph refused to hunt Genesis when he went AWOL.

Both were magically talented - Harry produced a Patronus at thirteen and Sephiroth could eventually cast spells without Materia.

Both wielded a sword - if only briefly on Harry's part.

Both were loved and then hated – Harry was the only one that went back to being loved, though.

Both were abused – Playful swipes with a frying pan and a cupboard under the stairs, versus raised in a Science Lab and injected with strange substances.

Both had mothers that died when they were babies – Lucretia Crescent for Seph and Lily Evans Potter for Harry.

Both had only two close friends – Ron and Hermione, Genesis and Angeal.

Both had eyes that were some variant of green – in the books, Harry has emerald eyes. Sephiroth has a kind of teal-ish shade.

Both were thin – Sephiroth looks nowhere near muscular enough to be as powerful as he is, and Harry was starved as a child.

Final SPGOF Author's Note and Dedication

This is not a new chapter, I'm sorry to say. But, for those who are following SPGOF and might not know yet: the first chapter of Sephiroth Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is up.

Chapter updates will be weekly, hopefully. I look forward to entertaining you and reading your comments.

In the meantime, I would like to comment/point out that I make no claims to the plot twist where Harry is Sephiroth. If you check the FFN archive, there is a challenge listed somewhere in here called "Harry Potter is Sephiroth or descendant request" by Acolyte of the Blood Moon. I grant credit for the initial inspiration to that challenge. Of the four - FOUR! - stories I started over the last two years in an attempt to fill it, I think this is my best offering. Even if I did have Harry merge with his memories of Sephiroth at an earlier point in the timeline than was suggested.

If I ever finish the other three, I might post them. Still, I've set them aside to work on this story and a couple of others. Once this series is complete, I may - MAY - be bringing back Bind the Serpent. I make no promises, however. My muse is thinking about pondering the idea, if you get my meaning. At the very least, I will try to update Possible Meeting at that point.

I want to, again, thank all of those who have encouraged me. This story is dedicated to all of you.

This dedication includes readers and reviewers on FFN and AO3. This also includes the people in my household: my husband and my mother. Despite living with us and having to deal with the casual annoyances that such a situation implies, she has always encouraged me to write. Also, she is (and has been) an excellent resource for grammar and other facets of the English language. Probably because she has a degree in the topic and taught it. (Though, I still insist that we speak American in this country, not any form of English that is remotely recognized by the region bearing that name.)


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