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someone has to post trans weilan fics and i guess it's me!


this series is not really a continual story, but is more like a series of snapshots. it's going to be mostly porn, so sorry in advance for that, but there is a lack of decent realistic trans porn and that seems to be something i can write decently well.

zhao yunlan is a trans man (ftm) who has been on testosterone hormone therapy for several years, has had top surgery, and has had simple release metoidioplasty, which is a type of ftm bottom surgery, without any other procedures (no removal of pre-existing organs). click the link for an informative blog about the procedure from a transmasc person who has had it (there are pictures of the genitals, including post-surgery pics, if that is a concern).

shen wei is nonbinary in his gender, but without much specific labelling beyond that. i'm headcanoning that dixing gender constructs and rules are much different than haixing, and are greatly tied to powers and dark energy. shen wei's pronouns are he/him still, as that's what he's assumed for his haixing professor persona, and it's become very comfortable for him. titles used for him are a combination of gender neutral and masculine. no specifics are given about his genital configuration apart from a functional penis, and there are times where he does not want any sexual contact on his own body and will stay dressed. it's just a matter of how he's feeling really. so there will be sex scenes where he uses his penis and and ones where he doesn't.


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