A Brother Is Born For Adversity

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A series following Remus Lupin over four phases and relationships: spying on Fenrir Greyback and the werewolves in the first war against Voldemort's forces; a chance reunion with Severus Snape in Paris five years after the war, where all is not as it seems; learning how to like each other again with Sirius after teaching Harry's third year at Hogwarts; and back again to werewolves, this time with Bill Weasley hostage to Voldemort's agenda. Features the origins of the Order of the Phoenix, hitting rock bottom repeatedly and still trudging into work the next day, ambigious mentoring from Albus Dumbledore, and learning to live with the monster inside.


This series is probably the best writing I've done in the HP fandom, and structurally the most ambitious. In some ways this is a character study of the Order of the Phoenix, a nexus of decisions made because they had to be, of loyalty and ideals and the insidious way events can twist those into something destructive, through the eyes of men who did hard and sometimes horrible things in the name of good. It's a story about consequences, and how those consequences linger years, decades on your conscience, how they force you onto paths you would never otherwise have walked. It's also a story about learning to relate to people over and over again, learning to deal with change, learning how to choose your loyalties, not follow them blindly. It's mostly a story about men on the edge; men who are alienated, and different, and damaged.

Originally I meant this plot to function as canon-adjacent, or at least possible within a permissive interpretation of canon. I've gone officially canon-divergent with the third fic, and will take some liberties with the fourth. Characterisation is more boldly alternative than canon, particularly sexuality-- this is also a story about living on the fringe of society, and the dangers and pleasures to be had in admitting who you are. The four fics span 1980 to 1996.


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