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- Podfics I've recorded
- Information on having your fanwork podficced
- Information on if you want to get started podficcing


Hi! You may be reading this because I have asked if I can podfic your story.

* You want to do WHAT with my story? Fanlore explains podfic
* Why podfic? Well, it's awesome to be able to listen to a story while I'm crafting or driving or otherwise unable to have an ereader or book. Plus, listening instead of reading a story brings new things to the foreground and makes it sink in in a whole new way, which is pretty cool.
* Why do I podfic? Because I kept hoping somebody would record my favourite stories and then I decided that I should probably just go ahead and do it myself :-)
* Why am I asking you this? That's easy, because I really adore your story and have gone back multiple times to reread it. It wouldn't be on my 'stuff I really want to podfic' list if I didn't feel a strong connection with it. I might already be thinking about what it would sound like. I would like to be able to listen to it, too, and give other people the opportunity to listen to it.
* What would I like from you? Permission. Your involvement aside from that is up to you. If you want to talk voices, music, pronounciation, mood, or motivations, I would welcome that. If you want to be able to say 'go ahead, send me a link when it's up' (or even just 'go ahead') then that's fine too. You don't have to listen or feedback the podfic when it's ready - it's totally fine to treat it like a translation into a language (medium) you don't speak/listen. The only obligation you have to me, should you grant me permission, is to respect the time and work I have put into my recording and understand that I have ownership over my performance.
* What will I do if you give permission? Record your story in my voice. I will not change your story, and if there are things that come up (like pronounciation questions), I will discuss it with you. I will always provide a link to your story when I post the podfic, so that readers/listeners can give you feedback. I will keep the recording within a fannish sphere and (obviously) not make any money. It will be posted here on AO3, on the Amplificathon LJ community, and the Audiofic Archive and possibly crossposted in other places. I will probably make some basic coverart for it, unless you'd like me to use something you have made.
* What will I not do if you give permission? I will never claim your story is mine (the only thing I claim ownership of is my performance recording of it.)
* What will I do if you don't give permission? Think some sad thoughts and go and work on another story. I would prefer that you just tell me 'Rather not, thanks' than ignore the request though, as otherwise I may think you have not seen the request (people do drift out of fandom) and try to ask you again at a later date.

Above all, I adore your story and would like to share it with other people via the medium of audio. Below you can listen to a few podfics I have made to get a feel for what I sound like. Keep in mind that the later podfics (lower on this page) have improved vastly in audio quality :-)

I'm pretty flexible, and I'd rather that we're on the same page before I spend hours recording, so if you have questions or concerns, please contact me! arwenlune@gmail.com

Hey, this podfic thing seems pretty cool, I want to give it a go!
Awesome. More podfic is more fun! If you want some guidance and encouragement to get started, there's a really great community of podficcers that can help you get started, have fun, and make friends. Here are some good places to start: LJ community Podfic-tips, LJ Comm Amplificathon, and there's an active twitter podfic scene around @podfic. You should also feel free to ask me questions either via comments here, via the above email, or via my tumblr.


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