f(x) Wilburs In A Trench Coat (Even Though Only Two Have A Trench Coat) AU

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pretty self-explanatory, don't you think? /hj

basically, four (five) (six!) (SEVEN.) (,,nineteen. technically twenty (in the ccbur sidefic)) wilburs meet each other, timey wimey is weird n shit.
-alivebur (pogtopia time) (october 8th 2020)
-deadbur (afterlife) (valentines day 2021. yeah i did the math)
-ghostbur (present-day dream smp as of writing this) (ok never mind :))) april 9th 2021)
-resurrectedbur (future dream smp, kind of just more my hcs and "theories" about what could happen, probably/technically canon-divergent) (present day, canon-divergent)
-spirit (basically ghostbur but dead! afterlife ghostbur! sad! also one very important thing that i dont know if i have said before but he has two bright blue lines (same color as ghostbur's blue and scar) across his sweater and if you want to see that then look down there vvv at my tumblr posts) (october 26th 2021. yeah i did the math)
-l'manbur (alivebur but from l'manburg time) (september 7th 2020)
-blue (ghostbur but from new l'manburg time) (december 16th)

*finger guns*


f(x) is an algebraic term (read as 'f of x') equal to y, meaning that i have no clue how many wilburs there will be in this fic by the end of it :smiley:
it fits the acronym of fwiatc and doesn't garuntee a specific number of wilburs so thats why i used it :thumbsup: for now tho, only 5 wilburs are planned but there might be 6 and i don't wanna change the acronym to swiatc bc thats just Bad and No and Doesn't Fit Right yk? so f(x) works

my tumblr posts about this au!
the original post: https://klesek.tumblr.com/post/647416516053221376/four-tiny-wilburs-in-a-trench-coat-not-literally
spirit: https://klesek.tumblr.com/post/649952327081558016/klesek-stares-into-camera-new-wilbur-everybody
lmanbur: https://klesek.tumblr.com/post/653996725388869632/lmanit-is-indeed-he-lmanbur-i-forgot-to-post
all of them (before blue): https://klesek.tumblr.com/post/654033978020478976/done-didnt-take-nearly-as-long-as-i-thought-it
blue: https://klesek.tumblr.com/post/656806526772772864/introducing-blue-ghostbur-from-new
(more links to be added!)


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