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#FIRST STORY: It's the journey of the boy, who was once forced to forget what it meant to 'be a child', who found a functioning adult or two to look up to, to rely on (unlike in canon) as he lives his pre-teen life at its best.

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This is a series of Harry Potter fanfic - set in an Alternate Universe, it will be featuring several long and short stories. Each piece will be connected with the other, so it is recommended to start from the first story.

• Do not copy to other sites or translate without my permission.
• The characters belong to the author JK Rowling, only the fic is mine.


Tom Marvolo Riddle, AKA Lord Voldemort has fallen into the deepest of voids because of his addiction to Dark Arts. So when his Prophesied 'Equal' and mortal enemy, who also happens to be the keeper of his soul piece, comes to his aid and offers him another chance by helping him recover from the insanity thus filling out the void that has been created by cruel and merciless fate, what he'll do? Can he refuse the little green-eyed chaos maker who declared himself his son in everything but blood?

Harry Potter, the forgotten twin brother of 'Boy-Who-Lived', was beaten to death by his abusive Muggle relatives. But his Magic disagreed with dying so early, so it dug deep into his soul and blood and brought out something that will help him survive. But the question is..who will take him from his destined cruel Fate?

James "Jim" Potter, the 'Boy-Who-Lived', and the Wizarding World's child celebrity. But it's not a life he wants for himself. There is something else he wants with all his heart, something that he would exchange all his fame and glory for in a beat. What is it that he desires the most in the World?

Dumbledore only wanted to control both the fake and real 'Vanquisher of the Dark Lord's and prepare him to be the perfect weapon of the Light side who'll sacrifice himself in the end for Greater Good. Is that too much to ask for?


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