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Misha Collins is a lot of things. Friend, boyfriend, older brother. Sometimes poet, pseudo-intellectual, snark-master and casual pain in the ass. Cubicle jockey, caffeine junky, aspiring Chaotic Neutral overlord. Geek, weirdo, more than a little bit neurotic.

Kinky, submissive, getting increasingly sick of his significant other's refusal to give him a straight answer on whether or not Richard's ready to commit to collaring him. Almost thirty, slowly getting comfortable in his own skin for the first time in his life, not always that great at making his point (assuming that he even has one).

Misha Collins is also asexual and an Omega. Which, between all the presumptions people make about these things and how much Misha hates correcting them and trying to explain things, throws a giant monkey-wrench in his notions of being more open about himself with people.

Well. At least Misha's used to things failing to come together as he planned. He guesses that's a positive thing to keep in mind.


This series started with and was written for this kink meme prompt: I would really like to see an asexual character in an a/b/o 'verse. I don't mind if they're an alpha or an omega (but a beta would seem rather besides the point). How do they deal in such a hypersexed kind of universe, where everyone is presumed to 1) be desperate to knot or 2) be desperate to be knotted? How do they negotiate relationships?

Initially, it was meant to be one longer, singular fill, but… Certain parts of it grew eleven heads and refused to play nicely or feel consistent when put together with the others, so instead, the single fill became a 'verse.


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