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I decided to challenge myself to write a whole bunch of AUs (Soulmate AUs included) and random tropes I like. This is the result.

I'm going to (try very fucking hard) write something for as many of the AUs I've collected and said I was going to use at some point as I can. Using the various fandoms that I write in. I want to try and do one a day, but I know that will not happen. Between family obligations and homeschool stuff and my brain fucking hating me most days, I know I can't focus on this as much as I want to. But I am giving myself a little bit of an out. Not really an out. I'm not forcing myself to finish entire stories. As long as I get over 100 words, I will consider it done. And maybe at some point down the line, I'll come back and "finish" some of them.

This is really just for me. And I hope that as I sort of complete these I'll have that little feeling of accomplishment and get myself in a better mood. And maybe other people will enjoy them. I dunno.

Also, I feel like I should say most of these are written quickly with little to no research and very little editing. So, if things are wrong... my bad. *shrugs*

I am not posting these as regularly but still posting. Honest.


Oh yeah. Total blanket permission to use any of these for inspiration for your own stuff.


I don't remember where I found the prompt or whatever for a lot of these. But, here are some links to where I might have gotten them:


My Pinterest board full of Writing Prompts
Big list of Soulmate AUs
Daily AU Tumblr
Imagine Your OTP Tumblr
AU Ideas Tumblr


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