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Stories focussing primarily, though not exclusively, on Minerva McGonagall, set in the years prior to the HP canon books, and set in the same fan-fictional HP universe as Resolving a Misunderstanding. Most of the stories in this series take place between approximately 1935 and 1960, with a few chapters of Resolving a Misunderstanding taking place during Dumbledore's childhood and youth in the 19th century.

This series consists of stories that can stand alone or be read in chronological order (the series order here, rather than the "suggested reading order" found in the series notes), or begin with Resolving a Misunderstanding and dip into the other shorter fics after reading the foundational story in RaM.

The series disregards Deathly Hallows (it was conceived and begun prior to DH).


Suggested Reading Order for This Set
Each story can stand alone, if you prefer to read them in another order.

Stories listed here are being gradually added to An Archive of Our Own. Any that are not already on AO3 can be found by visiting my MMADfan Fanfic Blog. 

* Resolving a Misunderstanding
* "The Unsentimental Arithmancer"
* "A Spree with Albus" (excerpted from Resolving a Misunderstanding and edited for continuity)
* "An Unexpected Shower" (one-shot; takes place immediately after the events of "A Spree with Albus")
* A Holiday with the Headmaster
* "Malcolm's Tale of Angus Óg"
* "Obliging Minerva"
* "Invisible Lover"
* "A Christmas for Aberforth"
* Charming the Scottish Garden (WIP)

This order is slightly different from the series order, which places the stories in chronological order according to the events in the story.

There are many stories set in the same fanfic universe as these, which are consistent with each other and share history and references, but for the sake of reader convenience, I've divided the fics into three sets: this set (the "Resolving a Misunderstanding Universe Stories"), "Cheering Charms and Other Stories," and the "Death's Dominion Universe Stories," which take place during and after the time period of the HP canon books. Almost every story is able to stand alone, as each is self-contained with its own story arc.

Resolving a Misunderstanding is the foundational story for this fanfic universe, but it's not necessary to have read that fic first -- though events in that story are referred to in other fics, and some characters are introduced there who reappear in other stories.

These stories presume a 1924 birth year for Minerva, since until Pottermore, she was presumed to have been born in the early 1920s and to have been a contemporary of Tom Riddle's. Dumbledore's birth year was likewise not announced until after Deathly Hallows was published, and so the series presumes the same birth year that had been considered canonical until then.


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