The End of the Beginning

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Some matches are made in heaven, some in hell: and some, quite rare and quite peculiar, are made on earth. The tale of the blue exorcist began long before the Okumura twins were born, when two men met who would change the course of history for Assiah and Gehenna alike. The question is: how did that history change them?


So I was seriously frustrated with a lack of things to read that summer 2012 - especially because no one ever seemed to update the few stories that dealt with the background of Fujimoto Shirou, my favourite in AnE. The frustration might also have had to do with babysitting four Chinese crested dogs that hadn't been taught to shit outdoors (and who had all the race hallmarks from toothlessness to epilepsy). So to let out some of the frustration I started writing my own version of Shirou's backstory.

Three years later I'm still writing. Three years into the future I will still be writing. (Farther than that I don't wanna think.) I'm planning to write until I've covered all 33 years of Shirou's life from the day he met Mephisto to the day he died. I will be surprised if I can do that in under ten years. (Affirmative: I do not have a life.)

To say this is a backstory of Fujimoto Shirou wouldn't be the whole truth. My stories tend to expand until they reach ridiculous proportions. This is becoming an epic length work with wide scope, and it is just as much a backstory of Mephisto, of the Illuminati, of the Order of the True Cross, and of The World And Human History In General.

I hope you will enjoy it!


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