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The Avengers sitcom we all secretly want. Well, maybe the Avengers hour-long action dramadey we all secretly want.

Multi story, multi couple series. Series order is suggested reading order (not necessarily chronological order). You'd don’t have to read them all to read one, but they do compliment (and spoil) each other. Heavy Boots of Lead contains a series summary at the beginning if you want to skip to.

Started after Winter Soldier, generally AU, but we have adapted and reimagined Ultron and Civil War for this universe.


Final Series List (updated 5/23/19)

1. My Scars, They are Your Scars. A recovering assassin and a prickly doctor become unlikely friends and fall in love while saving the world and each other a couple times. You know, that old story. Bucky Barnes/Amanda Newbury (OFC)

2. Between the Shadow and the Soul. A tale of two commitment-phobes taking seven years to fall in love. Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov

2.5. Six Maids A’Shopping. The ladies of the tower drink, dish, and buy shoes. Ficlet referencing multiple couples. Nat POV.

3. Best Mistake I Never Made. A tale of two loners learning how to live together. Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov

4. Heart of Steel. The indomitable Darcy Lewis meets her match. He’s been hiding in the server room. Darcy Lewis/Cal Bennett (OMC) 

4.5 Girls Chase Boys Chase Girls. Pedicures, board games, and tequila. Meanwhile, Stark takes the boys to a strip club. Ficlet referencing multiple couples. Nat and Clint POVs.

5. Welcome to the New Age. How Amanda the doctor became Doc the Avenger. Bucky Barnes/Amanda Newbury (OFC)

6. History’s Like Gravity. Commitment requires communication. Communication requires honesty.  Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov

7. Lifelong Love Letter. Keeping in touch becomes friendship. Friendship becomes love. Love becomes public. Steve Rogers/Sharon Carter

8. Life Makes Love Look Hard. The answer to taming the Hulk isn't a stronger cage. It's a tiny blonde English teacher. And her adorable kids. Bruce Banner/Violet Marsh (OFC)

8.5 Domo Arigato, Mr Robato. A day in the life of the tower through JARVIS’s eyes. Ficlet referencing multiple couples. JARVIS POV.

9. Heavy Boots of Lead.  A retelling of Age of Ultron. Featuring more women being awesome, and less pointless death. Multi-couple, multi POV. Like, everybody.

9.5 The Real Housewives of Avengerville. Girls' day on the lake. Ficlet referencing multiple couples. Nat POV.

10. The Curse and the Blessing, They’re One and the Same. Love requires security clearance, and a whole new language. Or: Adventures in dating someone who can can kill you with her brain. Wanda Maximoff/Zev Taschengregger (OMC).

11. As Much As Nothing, Everything’s Changed. In which a one-night stand grows plenty of strings. Pietro Maximoff/Ora Martinez (OFC).

11.5 The Spirits of All Three. Glimpses of our favorite couples during Christmas past, present, or future. Multi-couple, Multi-POV

12. You Remind Me What I Used to Know. Steve, Sharon, baby Joey and the very human fears that even superheroes and spies face. Steve Rogers/Sharon Carter

13. Mysteries Explicit and Inherent. The Avengers finally hire a shrink. Sam Wilson/Lani Yee (OFC)

14. We Can Save Tomorrow If We Try. Life with a green monster in your head, and a study in Violet's backbone. Bruce Banner/Violet Marsh (OFC)

15. Truth is Marching On. Civil War comes to the Tales Universe. Sort of. It's a lot harder to fracture a real family. Multi-couple, multi POV. Literally everybody.

16. Halcyon Days. Nine years, seven moves, five disasters, three kids, and one sturdy relationship. Tony Stark/Pepper Potts

17. Turn, Turn, Turn. Life after exile, and the young punks that will carry the torch. Epilogue, Multi-POV

Bonus Material.
Tales From the Tower: The Missing Floors. One-offs, PWPs, drabble, and missing scenes from the Tales From the Tower series. Anybody and everybody. (Kept open for ongoing additions)

My Kingdom Awaits. A story from the next series that involves the team finally going home. (Turns out a work can be in more that one series at a time, and it seemed fitting to have it here, too)


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