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Timeline (because we might just need it by now!):

1. Assignment: Personality Swap- Week Zero Friday and Week One Monday
2. Tuesday- Week One Tuesday
3. Aftermath (of an Act Gone Too Far)- Week One Tuesday, afternoon
4. Rat God Wednesday- Week One, Wednesday
5. Present Micdoriya- Week One, Thursday
6. The Mightiest End to the Week- Week One, Friday
7. Aizawa v. Aldera- Week One, Saturday afternoon
8. Nemurizuku- Week Two, Monday
9. One Shot, One Take, One-Hundred Percent Accuracy- Week Two, Tuesday
10. True Man (like a Hero, but Normal)- Week Two, Wednesday
11. Midoriyan Torino Thursday- Week Two, Thursday
12. Recovery (for the Hell We've Been Through)- Week Two, Friday
13. Best Way to Start the Week- Week Three, Monday
14. Assignment: Personality Swap (Now Without Grapes!)- Week Three, Tuesday
15. Izura Shigadoriya: Why Aizawa Needs to Stop - Week Three, Friday
16. Catching Up (Happenings) - Week Three, Saturday
17. Mirukodoriya - Week Four, Monday
18. Changing Fate (With or Without You) - Week Four, Thursday
19. Same Raid, Different Stakes - Week Five, Tuesday and Week Five, Friday
20. To New Heights- Week Six, Sunday and Monday
21. Hatsumidoriya - Week Seven, Tuesday
22. Aizawa v. Aldera, part two - Week Seven, Wednesday and Week Seven, Friday
23. Mimic - Week Eight, Thursday and Week Eight, Friday
24. Perception - Week Nine, Monday and Week Nine, Tuesday
25. Together - Week Ten, Tuesday
26. Fluctuations, Reconciliations - Week Eleven, Friday
27. Deck the Halls- Week Twelve, Winter Break
28. Lessons to Learn, People to Be - Week Fifteen
29. Impersonation is a Sign (of Flattery) - Week Sixteen, Wednesday and Week Sixteen, Thursday
30. Put It All Together (Take It All Apart) -Week Seventeen, Monday
31. Reversing the Roles, Changing the Game (A Truth Revealed) - Week Nineteen, Wednesday
32. The Closing Act - Week Twenty, Friday
33. Final Bows - Summer
'34.' Quirk Analysis for His Future [yes, this is what you think it is]

Current Status: 34 Done, 0 WIP
33/33 ('34')


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