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Real life, in a world where things are a little bit sillier than normal, except when they aren't.

Contains: Men who love other men, with the occasional appearance of women who love other women, women who love men, men who love women, and men who have a love/hate relationship with green vegetables. Sexy talk, sexy scenes, actual sex. Fish.

Canon? That turned a sharp left towards the porn store run by a duck sometime in BtVS Season 5 and never looked back.


Lorn-with-no-e, the names of Spike's and Xander's parents, and any number of similar "wait, what?" moments are artifacts of getting Jossed. Over, and over, and over, and over, and over.......

We are kind of chuffed that Dawn's totally normal boyfriend got named Justin before he ever turned out to be the high school vampire who almost killed her in All the Way, though.


For the sake of all those 0 people with the burning desire to know what the hell we're on about when we number these:

Whole Numbers -- Piranhas story: Xander/Spike. It could be argued that 'Why I Should Never Have Left England' is a Giles/Xan/Wes buddy-flick, but it still revolves around Xander/Spike issues.

.5 -- Piranhas-In-Law story: Angel/Wes/Gunn. That doesn't necessarily mean the Piranha boys don't appear, just the story focuses on the trio.

.5xx -- Umm... It's a .5 that doesn't have a S/X story between it and the previous in-laws story, but it's not a missing adventure.

.25 -- Piranhas missing adventure. Spaces left for telling those exciting missing-years stories about...socks. And demon goo.

.75 -- Piranhas-In-Law missing adventure

Negative Numbers -- Negaverse! Domestic Piranhas fanfic. Metafanfic. Is it canon? Um... We have canon? Wow. We'll get back to you on that one.


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