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    1 sex=marriage for elves
    "Frodo says we owe you congratulations," said Merry.

    Frodo looked embarrassed. "At least, that's what I understand of the ways of the Elves."

    "We're very happy for you and we wish you a bountiful harvest and a full pantry for the rest of your lives together. Or that's what we'd say in Hobbiton," Sam mumbled.

    "And I said we should offer our services for planning the party," said Pippin.

    "It was a very fine wedding, and no mistake," said Merry, nodding at Aragorn. "But we think you two deserve a Hobbit party."

    Get up here, Gimli thought very firmly in Legolas's direction. To his surprise Legolas obeyed, rising from the bed and settling himself next to Gimli.

    "You are very generous, and I thank you all for you kind words," Legolas began, curling his legs up underneath himself with effortless grace.

    "Only, we weren't planning to have a party, lads," finished Gimli. He reached for Legolas's hand and held it firmly.

    The Hobbits fell into shocked silence.

    Merry was the first to recover his tongue. "You have to have a party."

    "Even if you elope you throw a party when you get back," said Pippin. "It's only polite."

    "One would think that would defeat the purpose of eloping," murmured Aragorn.

    Gimli cleared his throat. "I would not wish to have a— what do you call this party?"

    "A post-marriage celebration," said Merry.

    "I would not wish to have it without either of our families there," said Gimli. "And both of us have none here."

    The Hobbits looked crestfallen.

    "The Fellowship is like a family," said Sam, at last. When the attention of the room turned to him, he blushed and looked at his toes. "I just mean we could have a party just for us."

    "And Gandalf," said Frodo. "He's part of the Fellowship too."

    "Indeed he is," said Aragorn. "Although he has yet to join us today."

    At that, the door swung open and Gandalf entered. At their looks, he broke into a wide smile. "A little bird told me that congratulations were in order."

    "I think you were standing outside the door, waiting for us to say your name," accused Frodo, laughing.

    "A wizard always knows when he is being talked about," said Gandalf.

    "We're throwing them a party," explained Pippin. "You're invited too."

    "Then you had best talk to the kitchen staff about arranging some food," said Gandalf. "Although I might suggest giving them a few days to prepare this time."
    "And you have married the Dwarf." His father's tone was one of both wonder and utter confusion.

    "Yes," Legolas admitted, "though that was later, and under the influence of some very fine Dorwinion wine on the night of the High King's marriage." He blushed. He had been happy to avoid mentioning that fact to any other who asked, but he could never lie to his father.

    His father's brow furrowed in concern.

    Now that was something to be resolved as soon as possible. "Although the decision was made lightly, do not think that the feelings that prompted it were also so easily influenced," said Legolas. "They were forged in both joy and sorrow over three battlefields, and only strengthened after the war ended."

    Thranduil mulled this statement over for long moments. At last, he gave the tiniest quirk of a smile. "In the elder days it was not considered a good wedding if it didn't result in at least one engagement."

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