22 Weeks Is A Long Time

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Jensen loves Jared. Misha loves Jensen. This is a problem because Jensen is his best friend, his roommate, and dating someone else. It's also a problem because Jensen loves Misha back, but there's a difference between romantic love and 'you're the best friend I've ever had' love, and Jensen and Misha are both trying to parse through that, which… is hard. Not least because Misha has the emotional awareness of a toothbrush, and an eating disorder,

Granted, it's not entirely his fault, because, for better and usually for worse, Jensen is chronically oblivious. …and all of this comes to a head because they have twenty-two weeks until Jared comes back from Oxford, and Jensen has this SUPER COOL IDEA for a surprise to give his boy — but he needs to draft his best friend's help in making it happen. Misha can't help wondering if the universe is trying to screw him over, and if maybe his attempt at creating a Deforrest Kelley zombie isn't somehow responsible.

And with all the introspection going on, it's sort of like, "In Search Of Lost Time" with kink and varying degrees of body-consciousness.


This series started as a fill for the following prompt on the ~chubwinchesters September fic/art meme: "Jared and Jensen have known each other for a long time and they're together. Jensen has always been a little on the chubby side and started getting fat in college and much to their surprise him and Jared both like it and they've been experimenting with some feeding and gaining. Jared has the opportunity to spend a semester abroad and he's going to miss Jensen and doesn't want to go but it's a great opportunity so Jensen tells him its okay. While Jared is gone Jensen spends his time fattening up for his boyfriend's return. Maybe Jared doesn't know what Jensen is doing. I would love some detail of Jensen's weight gain (exact numbers) and Jared's reaction."


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