Monstrous!: Tails of Ladybug and Cat Noir

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In Miraculous Ladybug, Ladybug and Cat Noir have had to fight against monstrous creations, but what happens when non-humans of all different types end up finding themselves in the paths of butterflies? Could it mean the end of Paris, or even the world as we know it?


First and foremost, this is Miraculous Ladybug fanfic, but there are characters and elements from other franchises that are included. Most of the stories are at a general level, but there are a few stories that are at a teen level.

"Gorgis" is a self-contained story that can be read on its own, but it serves a prologue to the rest of the series. Technically, it can take place anywhere from the Miraculous Ladybug episodes "Sapotis" and "Zombizou" onward.

"Taste Tester" is the next story in this series, and it is a crossover between Miraculous Ladybug and Tokyo Ghoul (as well as the unreleased Zagtoon Transylmaniac). Like "Gorgis," it can be read on its own, but it is a slightly higher rating in terms of maturity. It is set after the episodes "Miraculer" and "Feast" but before the Miraculous Ladybug two-part Season 3 finale ("Heart Hunter" and "Miracle Queen"), but unlike with "Gorgis," there are important elements that will carry over into future stories.

"An American Wild Card In Paris" is a multi-part crossover between Miraculous Ladybug and NFL Rush Zone set firmly in between the resolution of the episode "Miracle Queen" and the stinger with the development of the Peacock Miraculous. You won't have to read "Gorgis" or "Taste Tester" to make sense of it at all, although reading both will fill in a few gaps.

Future stories will likely take place after Season 3 and the specials, during Season 4, since that will likely be released by the time I finish the above-mentioned crossover. They will contain more serial elements and will depend on previous chapters.


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