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Even a barren land can blossom under the right conditions.

Asahina Yuki, the first-year student council president of Bell Liberty, and Sakaki Sojiro, the ultimate level math teacher and (former) assistant director, share a very special and very secretive relationship. But unknown to them, it's not as secret as they think...

This is a huge collection spanning several years that will keep going, well, forever. Basically, this is just going to be allowed to spiral waaaay out of control and I'll keep adding new stories between the existing ones as I have new ideas, etc. Even if it looks finished, it's not. Ever.

This series takes place in the same timeline as Becoming Suzubishi (about Tomo's relationship with Keita and Kazuki), and some events are cross-referenced. Ace of Hearts stands on its own, but reading Becoming Suzubishi will probably enhance your enjoyment and understanding of some stories in AoH - namely, the ones about Tomo and Yuki's friendship. :3


This series contains mountains of spoilers for the main plot and all character subplots of Gakuen Heaven 2. Luckily, GH2 translations and information are available on our translation site here! → Welcome to Heaven

Familiarity with the plot of GH2 will enhance your enjoyment of these stories. I strongly recommend reading at least Tomo's route and Sakaki's route to maximize your enjoyment and understanding. And it wouldn't hurt to read Sonoda's route either. :3

Please note: All of my GH fic is based on the original source - the PC game series. Nothing is based on the anime or any version of the manga. So, for example, Dr. Matsuoka never kidnapped Keita or took any other vengeful actions agains Suzubishi; instead, his issues were resolved purely by talking it out with Keita and Kazuki. The MVP Battle consisted of a hamster-catching competition, a trivia quiz, and a test of luck via card game, not... whatever that mess was in the anime. Etc. :3


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