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All it took to change the universe was one slight alteration to the timeline of Rose Tyler when she was eleven years old, and the universe was forever changed. With the gaping wounds of the Time War weakening the universe, the Guardians of Time and Space have great plans for this young human regardless of the Doctor's fears. With a grand future ahead and a dangerous present, Rose Tyler must rise to every challenge if she's to become what the universe needs.

Now updated: The Blonde Girl and Defender of Earth.


This series builds towards a Rose/Doctor relationship, but has the complications of them meeting when Rose is eleven years and a lot of out of sync meetings. I originally started Guardians as an experiment regarding nonlinear relationships and trying to figure out if there was a way to make them work narratively without them being creepy or robbing one character of their agency. It turns out that it is very difficult, so I had to also focus on the emotional ramifications. I wanted to explore some of the uncomfortable aspects of what a nonlinear relationship entails that so rarely get touched on, but I’ll be honest, that was a big goal, and I won't claim I do a perfect job.

The ramifications of the story mean that sometimes it is uncomfortable and it was deliberately written that way. This is a complicated trope that was used during the Moffat era and I wanted to explore it as honestly as I could in a way that the show never did. Rose herself finds it uncomfortable at times and part of her narrative is sorting out her feelings and choices regardless of the time loops. And the narrative style asks you to be uncomfortable with her during this journey. At its core, Guardians is a series about consequences and the changes that circumstances can force on a person. If this isn’t for you, then that is totally fine and I thank you for reading this small essay so that you know to hit the back button.


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