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When I feel the heat, I know I’m on my way
Just a little spark that burns so bright
I’ll be on my feet till I reach the day
I’ll be searching, searching for the sound of light

The Sound Of Light – Hanson


I almost never plan to continue the plotlines of my fics once I finish writing them. I've written a sequel or two, and I've even managed to sustain a story arc for a whole trilogy, but it's virtually unheard of for me to make a conscious decision from the very beginning to write a story arc that can span more than a couple of stories.

When I began writing Lanterns in February 2013, I really only intended to keep it as the one story. That changed just three months later, when Hanson premiered the 2013 members’ EP The Sound Of Light in a livestream for Hanson Day. As I watched the livestream, I realised that The Sound Of Light worked remarkably well as the title for a series. My original plan with this series was for Lanterns to be the first story, with the following stories focusing on the recording and subsequent in-universe release of Anthem.

Of course, things didn't turn out that way. Less than two years later, I began work on a prequel to Lanterns for National Novel Writing Month 2014 - a fic inspired by the Strong Enough To Break documentary that I christened Braving Darker Days. I adopted The Sound Of Light as the title for my new series at around the same time. This resulted in Lanterns becoming a later part of the TSOL series.

The Sound Of Light will eventually encompass every album era from Underneath through to Anthem. This of course means I have a lot of ground to cover, not to mention a lot of hard work and remembering what happened in various years, but I’m more than up for the challenge.

Stories in The Sound Of Light

1. Braving Darker Days
2. Out In The Blue
3. Glitch
4. The Travellers' Song
5. South By Southern Cross
6. Touch The Sky
7. Lanterns
8. Everything Borrowed, Nothing Blue
9. Some Kind Of Revolution
10. Breathing Hallelujah

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