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What would have happened if Mrs. Evans was a Shadowhunter before falling in love with a Mundane? She left the Shadow World behind, but was not exiled, she left because she didn't just want to be a soldier. Her daughters inherited her Shadowhunter abilities, but her husband was descended from Warlocks, so Lily ended up with both Shadowhunter and magic abilities. Lily enters the wizarding world, knowing that she can't mix this and the Shadow World.

Petunia is jealous of Lily's magic, but much less than she could have been, and is much less obsessed with being normal because she has Shadowhunter abilities of her own. When Harry begins showing signs of magic, she knows she can't properly take care of him, so he ends up in the care of Magnus Bane at the recommendation of Ragnor Fell and Tessa Gray.

Here's what happens when Magnus has a half-Shadowhunter magical child to raise, and has to call in someone from the Institute to help teach the boy about runes and Shadowhunter abilities.


This series will be a fix-it for both Shadowhunters and Harry Potter, and will likely be done in three parts. The first part is titled "Turning New Pages," and focuses on Magnus and Alec raising Harry, building their relationship, and leading up to the events of Shadowhunters. This will cover the time between ages three and seven for Harry.

The second part will be the events of Shadowhunters as they occur in this universe, with Magnus and Alec having known each other, and worked together to raise Harry, for five years. Harry will be eight at the start of this part, and will not play a large role, the focus will be Magnus, Alec, and the Shadow World.

The third, and final, part of this series will be the events of Harry Potter, starring a Harry raised by Magnus and Alec Lightwood-Bane, leaders of the Shadow World. This will begin shortly before Harry turns eleven, and may be split into more parts if his time at Hogwarts takes longer than planned. Magnus and Alec will play a smaller role than in the first two parts, but they will make at least a few appearances each school year.


This series is a work in progress, and may be abandoned at any point, but will hopefully continue through the end. I have a basic outline for the series, and know where I plan to take the characters, writing enough to get them there is the hard part now. If I do abandon this series, I will post something containing my outlines for the future of the story in order to offer some closure rather than outright abandoning it. Until that time, I intend to work on this when I have time and am inspired to do so.


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