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My 2019 Advent Calendar I'm doing with friends but kinda on my own, too? Check out the collection the first story posted is part of to see other people's works! Here are the following prompts (I know it's supposed to be 24, but I've decided to take a bonus day 25 that someone had submitted last minute).
1. Another World's Winter Holiday
2 Medbay: The Morning After
3. Decorating
4. Shoreleave Home
5. Baking
6. Crew as Family
7. Stargazing
8. Disciplinary Action
9. Hanukkah
10. Snuggling and Cuddling
11. Kisses Under the Mistletoe
12. Belayed Christmas Gifts
13. A Walk in the Woods
14. Building Snowmen
15. Holiday Jammies
16. By the Fire
17. Music
18. What Do You Get a Vulcan for Christmas?
19. I'm a Dork
20. Going Back to Work
21. A Book of Sentence Enhancers
22. Vaccinations
23. Holiday Away From Home
24. Awkward Shuttle Ride
25. Holiday Party


I don't know how to explain what's happening here without it sounding like what it's not. All I can say is it may sound like there was some disagreement, but there wasn't and it's all good. On the Discord server I'm on for Star Trek, I suddenly had the bright idea, mid-November, that an Advent calendar would be fun. So, armed with a few prompts, I asked for more prompts and asked if anyone else would like to have fun with me, we could see each other's interpretations of the ideas. A friend of mine, who really likes to organize stuff, suddenly organized it. She put the prompts into a spreadsheet and assigned people who signed up blocks until it was all filled.

My intention was to just let everyone do which ever ones they wanted, whether it be one or two or the entire calendar, and it wasn't going to be a 'thing' because the last time I participated in something like this we had a month for sign ups and at least a month to write one or two stories. We're getting a week or two to work on five(?) projects (sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not! And I've got six). Also, her prompt order was different than mine (I had just written them down as they came in) and I had already started working on several of them and at least six depend on the order I had them in because I decided they would be sequels to each other.

So! Here is what's going on. I'm doing my assignments and posting them to the ST Ships Advent 2019 collection in the order I'm supposed to because it really is a fun idea and I like it! I got my communications a little crossed with hers and got myself into this mess LOL. It may not be my best work because of the short amount of time, but that was also my doing. As a compromise to myself, I'm also posting them as a series, in my order. I hope I don't confuse myself or anyone else.


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