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An AU crossover between Thor, Being Human (UK), and eventually The Avengers.

After falling from the Bifrost, Loki landed in the back garden of a small house in Bristol, England, and was taken in by the occupants-- supernatural creatures who know a thing or two about what it feels like to think you are a monster.

Now that he's no longer all alone, or entirely an outcast, Loki just wants a peaceful life. However, when you're the God of Mischief (even if you're technically an alien, and not a god at all) adventures just seem to find you...


I began this alternate-universe series a few weeks after seeing Thor in the summer of 2011-- I also saw my first episode of Being Human around the same time, and thought the characters would be good for each other.

Please note: I related to Thor as a movie about a family, with the pains and complications that implies. This also means I thought all the characters could, under the right circumstances, be capable of growth and redemption. Loki being the most obvious mess, Loki was the character I found most interesting. And for personal reasons I also found things in him I could relate to (namely, his anger and loneliness and jealousy and selfishness and pain), and wished could be healed-- at the same time I thought that, if anyone ever did love him, their pain and regret must be terrible. And that is where these stories came from.

This is very much an alternate universe in which the characters have qualities-- and their histories include incidents, actions and perceptions of blame-- that I want to write about. It doesn't address anything post-Thor, and it gives characters beliefs and motivations that move me, rather than comply with canon. That was deliberate: I'm more interested in reconciliation, amends, and healing than in punishment, so I've created extenuating circumstances for Loki's actions and decisions. I wanted to write stories in which he was given a second chance, so I also wanted it to make sense within the story that the chance be offered.

As for the Being Human characters, I freely admit to wanting to fix things for them as well-- or at least write stories that retain the hopefulness of the first few episodes of that series.

Like most writers, I write out of needs of my own, and this skewed but hopeful alternate universe makes me happy. If it makes some readers happy, too, that would make me even happier.


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