The Gambler's Heart

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Once upon a time in a dusty little town called Four Corners, seven men were hired to keep the peace: a hardened gunslinger, a womanizing cowboy, a wanted man, a flamboyant gambler, a backslidden preacher, and a former slave turned healer. And eventually, human nature being what it is, they all started to settle in.

Which of course is when things started to get really interesting...



This multi-fandom crossover* AU series would never have gotten as far as it did without a lot of help and support. Much thanks to everyone for their feedback and encouragement and even nagging (you know who you are!), it’s been much appreciated and sometimes still is.

Original characters portrayed in this series were created by me but please feel free to use them if you like. Original characters include: Jenny Abbott, Moses Abel, Rissa and Catie Baxter, Judge Calloway, Christina and Emily Rose, Bertram Day, Ronald Dodd and Hayes, Grandmere Marie, Sheriff James, Janey and Emmeline, Maggie May, Juliet Moore, Mark and Edith Moore, the Murphys, Rosa May Parker, Dan Sullivan, Alice Willis, Mr. Willis, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, and the 'working girls' Meg, Molly and Becky Jenkins. The characterizations of the Potter twins were inspired by my own two children, both grown now, when they were that age - which was about the time I started writing this series.

* The Magnificent Seven, The Wild Wild West, House II: The Second Story, Gunsmoke, Maverick, Blazing Saddles, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr, Bonanza and The Outlaw Josey Wales - they're all in there somewhere.


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