Phoe's Writer's Month 2019

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This year's Writer's Month - an event I helped organize and now want to participate in. Some will be filled out in drabbles, others in lengthier oneshots, spanning fanfiction and a few original works!


1. Word Prompt: annoyance - Shadowhunters, Alec/Jace: Annoyed Alec
2. Prompt: hurt/comfort - Shadowhunters, Raphael/Jace: Rescued Raphael
3. Prompt: coffee shop AU - Shadowhunters, Meliorn/Jace: Java Jace and the Petal Palace
4. Prompt: road trip - Descendants, Uma/Audrey: Pirate's Princess
5. Prompt: sound - PJatO, Apollo/Percy: Hit by the Car of a Pop Star
6. Prompt: kids - Marvel, Tony-centric gen: The Futurist's Future
7. Prompt: sports - Marvel, Bucky/Tony: Pass to Me
8. Prompt: colors - Shadowhunters, Magnus/Jace: Cornucopia of Colors
9. Prompt: time travel - Shadowhunters, Magnus/Jace: A Treasure Worth More Than Gold
10. Prompt: dark AU - Marvel, Loki/Bucky/Tony: Fight for the Future
11. Prompt: whump - Marvel, Bucky/Tony: Battered and Bruised
12. Prompt: dreams - PJatO, Nico/Percy: Dreams and Desires
13. Prompt: feelings - Shadowhunters, Simon/Jace: Asexual Awakening
14. Prompt: fairy tale - PJatO, Rachel/Percy: Red and Blue Make Violet
15. Prompt: first time - original work; Written in the Stars, Mike/Matt: Meet the Family
16. Prompt: soulmates - Shadowhunters, Magnus/Jace: (Don’t) Say the Words
17. Prompt: accidental baby acquisition - original work; Written in the Stars: Becoming a Family
18. Prompt: poetry - Shadowhunters, Jordan/Simon/Jace: Musicians and Milkshakes
19. Prompt: mythology - original work; Written in the Stars: Pictures of the Past
20. Prompt: weird - Vampire Academy, Mason/Christian: Out of the Ordinary
21. Prompt: hope- Shadowhunters, Bat/Jace: Howling at the Sun
22. Prompt: summer - Shadowhunters, Raphael/Simon/Jace: Summer Sun on my Skin
23. Prompt: death - Shadowhunters, Magnus/Alec/Jace: Where Thou Diest Will I Die
24. Prompt: superheroes/supervillains - original work; Written in the Stars: Betrayal and Backstabbing
25. Prompt: flowers - Flash, Killer Frost/Caitlin: Frozen Flowers
26. Prompt: wedding - original work; Written in the Stars, Rick/Lizzy: A Liddell Wedding
27. Prompt: celebration - Shadowhunters, Jonathan/Jace: Winners of the War
28. Prompt: family - Marvel, Loki/Tony: The Son of Loki
29. Prompt: height difference - Shadowhunters, Magnus/Jace: The Panther and the Puppy
30. Prompt: pining - PJatO, Octavian/Luke/Percy: Leaders Longing for Love
31. Prompt: there was only one bed - Shadowhunters, Magnus/Alec/Jace: Sleeping Arrangements


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