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To the Stars will be a series of fourteen stories of approximately twenty-two chapters each. Updates will be intermittent; this series is not currently my priority, and work on it will take a backseat to work on Slytherin's Legacy.

Notes Regarding Canon: I am among those Supernatural fans who would have vastly preferred the show to end after the final episode of season five. To that point, I stopped watching the story during season ten and am unfamiliar with any new characters and/or plotlines introduced since then (and I have no intentions whatsoever in watching any newer seasons). This story, then, will be disregarding just about everything and everyone introduced into the show after Swan Song; if you prefer post-Kripke Supernatural to the Kripke era, then this fic is probably not for you.

Content Notes: This series involves several characters assumed in canon to be straight being written instead as bisexual. It also involves several characters assumed in canon to be strictly monogamous being written instead as polyamorous. If you would prefer not to read about polyamorous relationships, non-canonical sexual orientations, bisexual male characters, bisexual female characters, M/M sexual and romantic interaction, and/or F/F sexual and romantic interaction, then you'll want to skip this series.

Trigger Warnings: This story will involve canon-typical violence such as murder, torture, and maiming. Early installments of this series will involve at least one on-screen instance of coercive/deceptive sexual assault. Later installments of this series will also involve common triggers and generally upsetting subjects such as stalking, off-screen sexual abuse, and Stockholm syndrome. If these are subjects that you would prefer not to read about or subjects that might cause you significant psychological distress, then you'll want to skip this series.


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