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Alfred is a relative newcomer to the medically-renowned city of Yharnam, only residing there to complete the education he'd begun under his late mentor's tutelage. Despite his fervent studies, progress is slow - his growing penchant to go stalking about at night to occasionally butcher what or whoever he comes across is certainly of no help. On top this troublesome habit, he's begun to develop a bizarre fixation with the sole heiress of the Cainhurst nobles, Lady Annalise...


Set sometime in the late 1850s. I wanted to explore Bloodborne's setting as it might've been if it were in our world, including its overall history, geography, relations with other countries, etc. As such, this version of Yharnam and its country of New Pthumeria is much more "realistic," though certainly still has supernatural/eldritch elements.
For instance, there is no public blood ministration (it's primarily contained within the higher echelons of the Church) as it's medically unsound - Yharnam is instead renowned as the medical frontier of the modern world, and draws patients and practitioners alike. The Great Ones are simply gods from the country's traditional religion and are as involved in their worshipers' lives as any other religion's deity/deities - there are no dreams/nightmares. However the origins of most of the land's nigh-impossible feats of architecture/engineering remain unknown, as it all appears older than modern man. There is no scourge of the beast and thus no need for nightly hunt or Hunters - but there are rumors about the recent plague that wiped out much of the population, that instead of dying some were turned into beasts that still hide as humans during the day. And then there's of course the whole thing about Annalise being deathless - that's still in, and will likely remain as unexplained as ever.
I want to reveal the country's history and past/current events naturally, but there'll likely be a write-up at some point. There's just so much that would never be relevant enough to bring up in the story itself.

The story itself is based on Des' Ripper!AU art, which in turn is a inspired by Jack the Ripper, thus the title. A few of Des' OCs are also in it, namely Percy Hewlett. Seriously go check out her art, it's amazing.


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