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It can be a glance across the room, a visit from a vigilante, or even the sight of a particularly memorable thief. But, no matter what, it's always about that first, initial meeting.

The entirety of my alternate universe fic collection, now featuring over one million words of fic. Brace yourselves; it gets weird in here.
Fics can or cannot be related, depending on the other series tag.


Marked as complete because I never know when I'm going to add more. ;)

Current Collection of AU:
01. Ace of Hearts series - speed dating/ace!Felicity AU
02. All for One... series - Three Musketeers AU
03. All I Ask of You series - Phantom of the Opera AU
04. Art of the Con series - Leverage AU
05. Blade and Bow series - both-on-the-island AU
06. Blood Ties - yet another vampire AU because why not
07. Breathing Room series - Roommates AU
08. City of Heroes series - vigilante!Felicity AU
09. City of the Damned series - quiet-return-to-Starling-City AU
10. Contractual Obligations - demon!Felicity AU
11. Dark, Dirty, Dangerous series - Jak and Daxter AU
12. The Drug in Me is You series - vampire!Oliver AU
13. Felicity Smoak, Technical Advisor series - S1 rewrite where Felicity meets the Vigilante first
14. Flying High series - avian-hybrid!Oliver AU
15. Hardwired - cyborg!Felicity AU
16. Honor Among Thieves series - thief!Felicity AU
17. Leave a Message - AU series told in voicemails
18. Lost and Found - Finder AU
19. Many Hats to Wear series - role-reversal AU, Hood!Felicity AU
20. Mental Acuity - fake psychic!Oliver vs. mentalist!Felicity
21. Mind Games and Murder - Mentalist!Felicity AU
22. Mind Over Matter series - Mind Reader!Oliver AU
23. Mr. and Mrs. Queen series - Mr. and Mrs. Smith AU
24. Monsters in the Mirror series - Deathstroke!Felicity AU
25. Mystery and Mayhem series - bookstore AU, murder mystery-inspired AU, reclusive!Oliver AU
26. A Nice Day to Start Again series - assassin!Felicity AU
27. Once Bitten, Twice Shy series - vampire!Felicity AU
28. Once More Into the Breach - Pacific Rim AU
29. Pineapple Investigations - Psych AU
30. Read All About It series - reporter!Felicity AU
31. Reluctant Allies series - Blacklist AU
32. Smoke and Mirrors - Assassin's Creed AU
33. A Taste of the Pomegranate - Hades/Persephone AU
34. Two Worlds - Tarzan AU
35. Unconventional Weapons series - Jormungand AU
36. Vampires Will Bite and Other True Myths series - urban fantasy AU
37. Vaults and Secrets series - Safe AU
38. Vigilantes of Starling City series - archer!Felicity AU
39. When Plans Come Together series - A-Team AU
40. Blindsided - Beauty and the Beast-inspired AU
41. Welcome to the Fun House - Suicide Squad AU
42. Questionable - dialogue-only AU fun
43. Bits and Pieces - various unfinished AUs and AU parts


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