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They have to deal with the Supernatural on a daily basis, but what if they were actually confronted by people who have read their life's story in Chuck's books? Bear witness to several different Chance Meetings between Characters and Readers/Fans in this One Shot collection.


The following short stories are based on a comment I made during a trip to Liège (Belgium). We had booked a hotel that turned out to be some kind of motel. Lying awake during the night and letting my mind drift I told my travel mate that if there is a Chevy Impala in the parking lot in the morning, something went wrong – regardless of the unlikely-ness of the Winchesters turning up in Belgium.

Anyway, through this comment the idea was born to take a look at different scenarios where the brothers and other characters would be confronted with people that have read the in-universe Supernatural books by Carver Edlund/Chuck Shurley.

I currently have ideas for several stories that I'll post whenever I get around to type them.
But as I think that this is an interesting concept:

Feel free to send/leave me prompts with settings, situations and characters and I'll try to turn them into a proper story.
Though, I won't promise to write something for every entry.

I'll try to publish the chapters switching between the brothers and a side character.
So far the plan is as follows (though it might change - those with titles are written):

1. Dean & Sam: A Thoughtless Comment
2. Crowley: Deal or no Deal
3. Dean & Sam: A different Opinion
4. Castiel: An Angel by any other Name
5. Dean & Sam: The Book of Siblings
6. Lucifer: Saturday Satan
7. Dean & Sam: Basically the Same
8. Death: Pie Time
9. Dean & Sam: Code Name: Rockstar
10. Gabriel
11. Dean & Sam
12. Crowley
13. Dean & Sam
14. Becky
15. Dean & Sam (Crowley)
16. Azazel
17. Dean & Sam
18. Cain
19. Dean & Sam = Possibility to add your own prompt
20. Crowley & Castiel
21. Dean & Sam = Possibility to add your own prompt
1. Gabriel: Tricky Pastries
2. Bobby: The Truth behind the Paper Wrap
3. Gabriel: The Haunting
4. Jody Mills: Un-Conventional

Long story short: Have fun reading and enjoy the ride!


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