Hushabye Mountain

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When I was a little girl, my mother would tell me stories to help me fall asleep. One of my favorites was the story of her snow globe. You see, she had this big beautiful silver plated globe that she’d gotten from my father on their first wedding anniversary. It had two pretty yellow flowers that were intertwined together in the center with a red heart resting in between them and it played a twinkling tune when you turned a silver key on the bottom. I loved it.

At night when she tucked me in, she’d let me hold it while she spoke. She said that the globe reminded her that change was inevitable. That the flowers in the center were us, sitting in our peaceful comfort zones. And for most of our lives this is how we stay. Forever dancing to the same song.

But every once and a while, something happens that shakes up our entire world view, whether it's a person or an event. Suddenly, the familiar settings and life we once knew is gone in a twirling storm. It might happen once or even multiple times over the course of our existence but each time it does, we are forced to question who we are and what we believe.

I didn't understand then. And now even after everything that's happened, I still don't think I do.


Season One: The Loveliest Lies (UT)- 12 ep
Season Two: The Art of Deception (UF) -13 ep
Season Three: A Secret Sacred Light (DR) -15 ep


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