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Collection of all my fics featuring Elly Sketchit | Cheshire / Aizawa Shota | Eraserhead

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Flirt War
All Kinds of Play
In the Aftermath, I Needed You

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Dakimakura Panic!
The Love Bug's Sting
All the Colors of the Rainbow
Christmas Gift
Oral Experiments


Original Character Info (click for Character Sheet)

Name: Elly Sketchit
Nationality: American
Hero Name: Cheshire: The Insanity Hero
Occupation: Support Teacher (Counselor/Sub), pro hero (licensed in America)

Quirk: induced invisibility
Quirk Characteristics: can turn things invisible if she's touching them
Special Moves: "we're all mad here" - scratches villains with a hallucinogenic drug

Quirk Weaknesses: She has a non-offensive quirk. She needs to rely upon speed, strength, a hallucinogenic drug and psychology. Her tactic is getting close, drugging a villian with her claws, then backing off. When she's invisible she can easily be found out by scent and sound. Her costume is designed to muffle her movement (soft padding on her hands and feet), with a cheshire-grin respirator over her face to control her breathing and help her throw her voice. She can't wear perfumes or have any strong smells on her since that could be a giveaway as well.

Her ears and nose are very sensitive, and while this is sometimes a plus there is a downside: loud sounds & smells can cause her discomfort and even pain.

Catnip and other forms of mint cause the same reaction in her that it does to all cats.

Personality: Elly shows a strong, upbeat and pretty happy-go-lucky face to the world, but those that truly know her see a darker side. She struggles with feelings of inadequacy, depression and anxiety and has some fairly strong "daddy issues". She is bipolar, and her manias are more devastating than her depression. This helps her with fighting as she can induce a mental state to blot out her "normal person" exterior, becoming momentarily insane. She is, in effect, truly the cheshire cat.

She is very forgiving towards others (sometimes to a fault, like the ones that abused her) and to the kids she teaches. She enjoys helping the ones that are "difficult" and those in need of nurturing. In fact, she likes the obstinate ones best.

Background: Elly grew up in a smallish town on the east coast in America. Her parents divorced when she was 2 years old, and her mom remarried soon after, with them eventually all moving in with her grandfather. Her mother protected her too much, not letting her play with other kids, and then tossed her into the fray come kindergarten. She had no idea how to interact with other children and they did not understand her. She subsequently was treated throughout her entire schooling as a pariah. Her family didn't treat her much better or offer support, and she struggled to maintain her sanity while being tortured on all sides. She was also diagnosed bipolar as a preteen and force-fed experimental medication that caused memory loss, blackouts and hallucinations. She made some bad choices she regrets due to pressure and torture, and is still trying to come to terms with it.

When she came of age she stopped taking the pills, learned to use a diluted form for fighting villains and studied psychology as well, while using intensive physical training to blot out what few memories remained of her abusive past.

She listened to a lot of music during her darkest times, and likes to sing. Her voice is a key part of her quirk when used properly, and she learned good voice control, breathing techniques and a little about how to throw it as well.

Her exceptional mastery of such a quirk and grades got her in a good school as a Foreign Language teacher (Japanese) and Pro Hero on the side. She came to UA on invite, and stayed when she struck up a romantic relationship with one of the other teachers.

Extra Facts:

She used to host a bizarre alternative radio show in the US known as "MADD radio" - it was very indie and not a lot of folks knew about it

She is, of course, interested in Alice in Wonderland and makes it a point to watch and read all literature and movies, shows, games, etc that come out about it

Elly is number dyslexic. Math is a horror to her, and she's afraid of anything where she has to count money in public

Her tail has double ends on the tip, much like the nekomata of Japanese lore

Although bipolar, she does not take medication due to the damage it caused her in the past. She manages with support and a lot of self care


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