Ralph Hawke – The Rise of a Blood Mage

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Ralph Hawke was an aggressive child, and later this trait complemented with sarcasm. He walks on his own path and has his own laws. He loved his father with controversial feelings. He respected Malcolm's courage and effort to build a good life for his family. But he hated that Malcolm's compromises. "Just be careful, silent! Learn, and don't make mistake!" Ralph wanted to vomit every time when he heard this. He saw Bethany's suffer and her desire to be "normal", and he blamed his father. And he knew he's unjust. His father did everything to protect them.
But Ralph wanted to fight. For himself, for Bethany, for every mage, who forced to lick the Templars' boots. He hated every day he lowered his head. And his anger accumulated. He was fifteen when refused the first demon who tempted him. But already he saw his way. He knew he must learn more. Secretly he searched for everything to learn the forbidden knowledge. His father refused this way, but he's not Malcolm. He knew he walks on a dangerous way, but he became more and more sure of what he wanted...
He wanted to fight, but he wasn't a fool. He learned to fight without magic. Learned to use his anger and pain as power. He wanted to be prepared.


Red Hawke's story, separate shards
The hero, whom Kirkwall deserves, and the hero, who deserves Kirkwall. (Honestly? He loved Kirkwall – for a moment, he almost believed, he found a home)



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