Den of Iniquities

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Series of one shots that center around Irene Adler's brothel and one of the boys is employed there. I might switch up between John and Sherlock as far as who the prostitute of the moment is. Right now it's going to be John-centric.

Irene's brothel will always be the same but that's all that the stories will have in common.

They will always begin the same way; either John or Sherlock standing at the brothel door, contemplating their first visit to the brothel as a customer. Be it business or pleasure, the exposition will start at the front door.

Irene will always be the same character running the same business. She owns the brothel, the prostitutes are all men. I'm going to post the beginning of the first fic below which details Irene's business and how she handles things. That should help those who skip the first chapter - if they read this description, that is.


From the first fic in the series, None Given, details on Irene Adler and her business. This is a direct cut and paste so if you've read the first story, you've already read this.

Irene’s business was discrete; hidden behind the facade of an image consulting firm catering to men in the upper echelons of London. And while the occasional woman utilized Mistress Adler’s services, all brothel workers were men. There were women on the staff but they handled the business side of things. Finances, scheduling, and medical.

Bareback was not allowed here, although Irene had everyone tested regularly - a bartering system arranged with one of their customers in the medical field - if she found out that you’d had any sort of sex, anal or oral, without the use of a condom, out you went with your bags hitting you on the sidewalk as you lay there stunned and wondering what the hell had happened. No one thought they’d get caught but most toed the line. She didn’t have the patience for employees who would endanger their health, the client’s health, and most importantly, her bottom line. She was very, very comfortable and she intended to stay that way.

Clients weren’t declined often and had, so far, had no effect to her establishment’s reputation or her bottom line. So long as everyone paid for their rooms as well as a percentage of their income per client, her employees were pretty much left to their own devices. She wasn’t a pimp and should someone compare her to one, even in jest, they were no longer a customer. She was a business woman and sex sells. That was a fact.

Irene herself rarely took a client unless there was something about them that she found irresistible. And even then, she only entertained women now. She’d done her time pandering to male vanity while coming up in the business and once she’d started to feel resentful and bitter, she’d stopped seeing men altogether.


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