Ghost Trick: Phantom Train (A Final Fantasy/Ghost Trick Crossover AU)

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A Ghost Trick/FFVI crossover AU.

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Sissel: Magical amnesiac and bemused observer of these strange creatures.
Lynne: Treasure hunter extraordinaire and proud dog-mom of Missile. Was also the Princess Kamila's former guard, until Kamila was mysteriously taken from Figaro.
Missile: Top Pomeranian and wanderer of the Veldt. Prone to excitement. Once he starts barking, he won't stop until the enemy's gone.
Alma: Queen of Figaro. Has had to take charge in Jowd’s absence. Unsure who to trust.
Jowd: King of Figaro, Imperial prisoner, erstwhile partner to both Alma and Cabanela but that arrangement is trash now...
Cabanela: Once the Empire’s ambassador to Figaro, now the world’s first magic-infused being and Imperial traitor. In love. Sometimes called Primus or the Jester's Shadow.
Cidgeon: Cabanela's foster father and scientist in the employ of the Empire. Keeper of his own counsel and holder of many secrets.
Kamila: The princess of Figaro. Missing, presumed dead.
Amelie: Kamila’s best friend and supporter. Has been searching for any news.
Memry: The wandering, wondering gambler and owner of the only airship in the world. Friend of Cabanela from way back.
Cait Sissel: An esper, Sissel’s mother, and vastly out of her depth.
Yomiel: Lost his wife and son when the Empire invaded the Esper world. Has been wandering ever since.
Bailey: A Moogle and psychemancer from Narshe. Like Missile, once he starts, he doesn’t know how to stop.
Rowdy Youth: Protector of Narshe. Not shy about it.

Emperor Sith: Titular leader of the Empire
General Beauty: A General of the Empire and political antagonist of General Cabanela.
Dr. Asbolus: Otherwise known as the Blue Death, he is the researcher in charge of magitek and magic experimentation.
General Cabanela: Magitek clone of Cabanela. Obsessed with taking everything Primus thinks is his. Sometimes called Secundus or the Jester.
Adjutant: Magitek monster built by Cidgeon as a curiosity and perfected by Dr. Asbolus. A loyal right-hand man and the Empire's Guardian.
Near-Sighted Jeego: Disgraced and short-sighted Imperial assassin. Sent to escort Sissel to Narshe.
One-Step-Ahead Tengo: Disgraced Imperial assassin who always takes point. Sent to escort Sissel to Narshe.
Dandy(luma): A door guard in Zozo (that’s what you get for killing Top Pom in canon— no top billing for you. Jerk.)

Emma: The leader of the Returners and Amelie’s mother. Very busy; doesn’t see her husband much.
Justice Minister: An elder of Narshe, Amelie’s father. Very prone to defeatist thinking.
Tabatha: Jowd's mother and former martial arts master. Very hands-off.

Various and sundry espers, humans, creatures, monsters, and like 30 or so more Cabanelas, I'm afraid. We just like Cabanela, OK?


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