Living in the Present, Looking to the Future, Never Regretting the Past

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Tony never would have thought that his first time would result in a pregnancy, but there he was, pregnant, seventeen, with the Dream Sire of every Carrier in history: Steve Rogers, telling him he'd be with Tony every step of the way, even if those steps include terrorists, spies, suits of armour and aliens.


(While these stories feature OCs from An Unlikely Family, they are not the prequels to that story.)

Part Three: We All Have Secrets

With the Expo in full swing, the military coming after his 'bodyguard', James showing off exactly 'how much' of Tony he inherited, and Steve attempting to fulfilling two-year old promises, Tony hardly has time to deal with the fact that he's 'dying'. Seriously, just leave him alone for ten minutes so he can figure this out.
His best solution? Finalising his Last Will and Testament and naming Pepper as CEO in the event of his death before James' twenty-fifth birthday. She's been running the company since Obadiah's *cough* accident *cough* anyway, so she shouldn't have a problem. Good, now he can die knowing his family's future is taken care of. Cue the son of a guy his Dad got deported like, a million years ago, trying to kill him with a slapdash version of his own tech, Justin Hammer (who his son HATES, which is pretty awesome), and the incredibly sexy PA Pepper hired for herself, Natalie Rushman, who makes Steve uncomfortable but her kid is awesome so no, Steve, he can't make Pepper fire her.
Yep, Tony can totally deal with this.
Except he really, really isn't.

Part Four: Some Assembly Required

Tony still gets giddy when he signs his name 'Tony Stark-Rogers' on the contracts and forms and documents Pepper hunts him down with, it almost makes it bearable actually, when Agent Coulson shows up at Stark Tower in New York with an AI-level assignment ("I thought the Avengers Initiative had been scrapped…Daddy and Poppa talk too loud when they think I can't hear them. I swear I haven't been snooping with Ron. Honest."). With Pepper on her honeymoon, Steve and Tony have to take James with them to the Helicarrier.
Literally hours later, Tony's met two Norse Gods with *great* hair, Bruce Banner, learned who Natasha's kids' Sire is ("Stark, if you tell Steve I will skin you with a toenail." "Trust me, that's the last thing I'll be telling Steve. It's all you."), met Clint Barton's annoying son, and found out something that he actually should tell Steve right now. But with everyone arguing with each other and Steve starting to act like Tony's Sire, the twenty-year-old has no idea how his husband will handle it.
And really, he's not going to miss out on fighting Aliens for the world.

Part Five: Extreme Measures

It's the last Christmas they're going to have before the baby is born and they decided to spend it as a family in Malibu. Tony's doing great and Steve is still his Cheese, James is just as bright and bubbly as ever and he's loving living in the same place as Aaron. Life seems to be settling just fine as they prepare for their second child.
Only Tony can't sleep. He sleeps until the nightmares become too much and he goes down to the lab until breakfast, James is getting terrible migraines and Steve's still blaming himself for Tony dying during the Invasion. Tony just needs a break, and when Maya Hansen and spindly boss Aldrich Killian, come asking Tony's help with a project to help lengthen the lives of soldiers injured in the field, who is he to say no? ("It's only a few weeks, Steve. I promise I'll be back before Christmas." "I know, but last time I let you go away you were captured and tortured." "I'll be fine. I'm Iron Man, remember?")
He'll be fine. He will!
Only, what's Extremist? And why is Killian pointing a gun at his swell?

Part Six: Winter's Rising

Steve is in DC and Tony's in New York, the argument had been stupid but it was just so 'them' and they knew they needed a little space. So, Steve's gone to DC with the kids, James: eight, Leo: four and Mikaela: two. He can handle them, especially with Peggy's help. And Natasha, Aaron and Rebecca being there helps too. Sam's awesome with the kids.
He doesn't know how to move on from this though, his kids make him content, he loves them, but dammit, he misses his old life, even if that life didn't have Tony. So when SHIELD is toppled, and a new villain, the Winter Soldier, emerges, Steve's got a new purpose: take down HYDRA.
But Natasha is acting strange when she talks about the Winter Soldier, she knows who he is and isn't telling him.
And on top of all that, James' powers are beginning to go haywire, and having a rampant, genius, giant lion cub running around DC isn't something Steve can deal with right now.
He needs Tony. Big time.


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