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AU Earth CE297 is where the Neo Storm Story takes place on, Inspired by Various Shows and Anime mostly Dragonball, SMT, Persona and Type-Moon.

The main timeline goes as Follows (So Far)
Prequel Series (N/A as of yet)
Neo Storm Zero Part 1
Neo Storm Zero Part 2

Main Series
Neo Storm Part 1 aka Season 1 / Neo Storm the Complete Works Vol 1
Ch1. Quest for the Symbol Holders Arc
Sub Series Neo Storm Stargaze Hearts - Climax Devotion Ch1, The X0 Arc
Ch2. The Radial Corporation Arc
Post Season 1
Post Season 1 - The Battle for Trolberg Arc
Pre-season 2 Arc
Neo Storm Part 2 aka season 2
Bio Metal Arc


Here's some Info for My Main AU Story for Parts in the story one should look out for

The Loud Family
Rita has a twin sister named Ria
Unlike on the show Lincoln relations to the Loud sisters are different has they are Lincoln Cousins. also, My AU Rita Loud, aside from Lynn Loud Sr she had other lovers who she bears kids with:
From Lynn Sr
1. Lori
2. Leni
3. Luna
4. Luan
5. Lynn Jr

From an unnamed Male
6. Lucy

From Mark Levin
7. Lola
8. Lana

From Hikaru Tanaka
9. Lisa
10. Lily

As for Lincoln in thus AU his Parents are Hiram Lewis his father and Ria Lewis his mother, The Lew Children are the listed as followed:
1. Wallace Lewis
2. Lincoln
3. Linka
4. Rolland

Other things to note has been listed
1. Tommy Pickles is dating Lil
2. Gumball Watterson began dating Coco Bandicoot after he recovered from his breakup with Penny
3. Lincoln and Hilda started out as friends since they first met when they were 4 years old
4. Lincoln is in a relationship with Hilda, Ronnie-Anne and Mabel and will eventually have kids with all 3 girls
5. Hilda's father is a man named Aaron Beowolf who met Johanna when she was 16 and his was 17, Hilda has two older siblings named Janica and Jayden.
6. Billy been working out also he has a 23 CM penis (His take on what Lincoln has known as the Lincoln Log) which is calls his Mighty, this is something now even like Mandy couldn't resist basically Billy is clucking Irwin out.


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