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The collection of all of the episodes of "Aceterpretations": A podcast about asexuality, fandom, and where they intersect! (Hosted by Quartic, KK, and luvtheheaven.) We had been aiming to post new episodes once per month, but currently are a bit less frequent than that!

Read our "Profile" page here on AO3 for small biographies of the 3 co-hosts!

Cover Art - below in Series Notes is more description. The excerpt text reads as follows: shall look out for you, then, at six. Pray allow me to keep the papers. I may look into the matter before then. It is only half-past three. Au revoir, then.” “Au revoir,” said our visitor, and, with a bright, kindly glance from one to the other of us, she replaced her pearl-box in her bosom and hurried away. Standing at the window, I watched her walking briskly down the street, until the gray turban and white feather were but a speck in the sombre crowd. “What a very attractive woman!” I exclaimed, turning to my companion. He had lit his pipe again, and was leaning back with drooping eyelids. “Is she?” he said, languidly. “I did not observe.”


Note that our Cover Art was created by one of us! Quartic designed it. Asexual Flag colors for the design as a whole, with a Rorschach-style ink blot over a certain excerpt from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes series.

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