No Alarms (And No Surprises, Please)

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The Commonwealth. It’s been one year since Sole Survivor, Nate Jordan, convinced Maxson to spare Danse’s life and simply banish him. Nate then left the Brotherhood of Steel over their draconian stances and many other reasons, including growing ideological differences. Former-Paladin Jordan has joined the Minutemen and risen quickly through the ranks to become General Garvey’s most trusted commander.

But in the time that Nate’s been following his conscience and ambition, he hasn’t forgotten the man who gave him the foundations for his new life and purpose. In that spirit, he sends one of the best, most wily scouts in the Commonwealth to Listening Post Bravo with a message for Former-Paladin Danse.

Of course, Nate’s closest friend and his most useful . . . frenemy finding each other irresistibly intriguing and magnetic is not part of Nate’s plan, right? Right?

And what about all that happens after Nate’s friend and frenemy meet-not-at-all-cute?


General Notes/Warnings: Set post-Fallout: New Vegas and post-Fallout 4, in 2291, with a tweaked and slightly rearranged timeline (obvious and not complicated). SPOILERS. Drug use and drug abuse. Explicit sexual situations while sober, Dom/sub and power exchanges. Non-graphic violence, torture, and murder. Implied attempted non-con, implied attempted mutilation, and implied attempted murder. Implied past child abuse (physical, mental/emotional, and sexual) and torture. Brainwashing. Mentions of psychopathy. Mentions of past child abduction/keeping as a hostage. Appearances by the Courier, Caesar, Cheyenne, and others, including Sole Survivor, Nate Jordan, Robert MacCready, and Shaun. Lots of Vulpes backstory, Courier backstory, and Sole Survivor backstory.

Probably a bunch of other SENSITIVE SUBJECTS, which I'll try to note here, but your best bet is checking TAGS or CHAPTER NOTES. I'll always note SenSub-stuff in chapter while posting them. Who even knows when I'll remember to come back here to update the notes?


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